Studying at Unique Education

Become the preferred partner by making true differentiation in our quality of service and value which we provide to our clients. We will support your end to end educational needs, and will make sure, you are successful in training, staffing and services needed.

Who We Are

Unique Education Consultants Unique Education serves as top Abroad education consultants based in Vadodara , Gujarat advising students on study abroad options on International education arena to give high quality solutions to the Indians in a very niche product line. Generally, the education consultants in India represent various private universities from conventional English speaking countries and provide solution for study in USA or study in Canada.

Unique Education Consultants on the other side started with students in its mind and focused on high demand programs irrespective of the country and initiated its operations 5 years back from MBBS as is core expertise area. 2010-11 was just a beginning of this division with MBBS in China & South America.

Unique Education has recruited more than 100 students to various programs to the universities it represents directly in India. Every university has been assessed by Unique team before signing the contract so as to give perfect guidance to the students and the parents.

Today, it has already set up its offices in 4 cities of Gujarat such as Vadodara, Himmatnagar, Anand and Gandhinagar. In 2016, it expects to expand to further 4 more mainly in Metro sized cities to make its presence across the Gujarat.